Perfect Unisex Pieces

Perfect Unisex Pieces


I do all of the clothing shopping for my husband, and it really is a double-edged sword. The plus side? Man, do I ever love shopping his closet. The downside? Because I love menswear-inspired pieces, we often find ourselves twinning, which is super cute on the 70+ set, but pretty cringeworthy on us. BUT, I think the upsides far outweigh the downsides, so I’ll continue to flex my fashion authority over him, and he’ll continue to look as handsome as ever (win-win!).

Below are my favourite unisex fashion pieces:

Gold RayBan Aviators: I borrow his pair so often I should really just buy my own, but because they go with everything, that would ensure us twinning 100% of the time.   I’ll stick to borrowing!

Leather Weekender: The perfect travel bag. We can often get away with one wheelie carry-on and this bad boy for weekend trips. Love this bag!

Denim Jacket: My guy doesn’t own a denim jacket (bona-fide leather lover), but if he did, I would wear this oversized jacket with everything.

Bow Tie: How cute is this pug bow tie? Love a little bow with a femme collared shirt.

Straw Fedora: Is it just me, or do men in general take much better care of their hats? My straw hats last approximately one season before accidentally crush them in a beach bag, or an overstuffed suitcase. Oops. Good thing I have his for an emergency back-up!

Black Leather Watch: A timeless black leather strap watch is perfect for him or you. Christmas gift?!

Fisherman’s Knit: Is there anything better than a chunky knit on a freezing cold winter day? My favourite classic sweater.

Breton Shirt: A baggy breton paired with slouchy trousers, cinched with a brown leather belt. Chic. Chic. Chic.

Do you love borrowing from the boys? What are your favourites? 




Borrowed From The Boys: Nick Wooster

Borrowed From The Boys-Nick Wooster


Devoting an entire Men’s Style series to Nick Wooster is probably the best approach, but let’s start with a smart-casual look from him. Wooster has the ability to make even the fussiest menswear look completely modern and effortless- from prints, vests, dhotis and the-proceed-with-extreme caution short suit- there is no piece that eludes Wooster’s styling expertise.

Kayne, take note.

Do you kneel at the altar of Nick Wooster’s style shrine? 

pants $30.13 | cardigan $29 | shoes $105.87  | t-shirt $7.90 | sunglasses $26

Look For Less: Keri Russell

The Look for Less-Keri Russell


Felicity! 16 years on and I really can’t recall any notable roles Keri Russell has starred in since, but I’ll put it down to her choice of genre (Sci-Fi, Hollywood Blockbuster)…not my thing. But LOOK at her style! Simple. Understated. Chic. Utter perfection in my books.

Do you love this look? 


t-shirt $22 |  skirt $99.99 | mules $118.59 | mules $671.32 | bangle $38

Beauty Bite: Is Your Cleanser Toxic?

Toxic Cleanser


When it comes to experimenting with new beauty treatments, most of our products can be grouped into three categories:


1. FREQUENTLY (low risk: immediate removal if not completely satisfied)

-i.e nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow

2. OCCASIONALLY (moderate risk: removal time required)

-i.e hair product, mascara, body lotion

3. NEVER! Until it stops working or something better comes along… (high risk: permanent, potential major breakouts, etc.)

-i.e face cream, hair colour, facial cleanser


Imagine my dismay when I recently discovered my favourite facial cleanser and body wash were killing the environment. The culprit? Plastic microbeads, or polyethylene (PE). The plastic beads are non-biodegradable, microscopic and eventually end up in our Great Lakes, where they remain forever or exit via the food chain. You read that right: fish are eating them. The polyethylene beads soak up toxins and unfortunately resemble fish eggs, so unless you’re hankering for The Catch Of The Day with a side of plastic, it’s time we searched for alternative solutions to our old beauty standbys.


So what products was I using? Popular drugstore brands:

OLAY Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser: I’ll admit it- once educated, feigning ignorance to polyethylene is impossible- the plastic scent is pretty powerful. The fact that it removes every trace of makeup, exfoliates and never breaks me out are all reasons why I love this product, but transitioning over to a non-toxic cleanser I can use without guilt is a priority, so the hunt is on. In the meantime, I’m using good ol’ St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which admittedly doesn’t perform as well my beloved Olay, BUT is microbead-free and has the added benefit of already being under my sink.

CARESS Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash in Burnt Brown Sugar & Karite Butter: I love this body wash so much, I cross the border for it: Caress isn’t sold in Canada. The smell is divine, it lightly exfoliates and leaves a sweet, lingering scent on the skin afterwards. The fact that it doesn’t clog up my razor if I use it for a quick shave is also major bonus. Giving it up will be tough. Damn you, Caress! Damn, you!!!


Toxic Cleanser 2


Do you care if your facial cleaner and body wash are polluting our waters? If transitioning over to non-toxic products is important to you, check out this list of products that are contributing to the toxicity.


Beauty Bite: Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review

photo 2-53


Guys, I still wear lipgloss. I know there’s some kind of unwritten beauty rule that once a woman reaches “a certain age” she should toss the gloss and exclusively embrace lipstick, but on casual summer days, a little slick of gloss with a subtle shine just looks right. If it comes in a hybrid formula, I’m even more game, which is why I absolutely adore Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain.


 Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Barcelona Nights

Revlon’s newest lip lube is the perfect blend of gloss, liquid lipstick and lip stain, and it’s a pretty fab product overall.  Over the past few months I’ve tried out 3 of the new shades:

Miami Fever (orange-coral)

Barcelona Nights (cherry-pink)

India Intrigue (fuchsia)



 Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in India Intrique 


Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Miami Fever

Application: 2 or 3 coats are definitely required to achieve maximum colour for this product. If you have the patience for that, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful colour that lasts for a least 3-4 hours.

Hydration: A BIG plus for me-  this stain is super hydrating! A finishing coat of balm isn’t needed with this product. My lips are never dry after the colour wears off, and the shine lasts for a good 2 hours after application.

Texture: The texture of this stain is almost gelatinous, which I personally prefer over a liquid stain (no spillage).

Pigmentation: Bravo to Revlon for creating a hybrid gloss with long-lasting pigmentation! When the shine eventually wears away, you are left with a beautiful stain that lasts a solid 5 hours.


If you’re looking for a no-mess stain that won’t dry out your lips, try Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain. It retails for $12.


Have you tried this product? Which colour is your favourite? Let’s discuss! x


5 Fab Beers For Summer



Diet Coke and Karl Lagerfeld. Ladurée and Nina Ricci. Fashion blogging and beer? Fashion is all about collabos, so sit back, relax and get ready for a major craving.

My journey to brewski love was a long and unexpected one: I didn’t have my first full bottle of beer until I was 27 years old. Why? Well, I’d like to say I was teetotal (#nothappening), but the truth was,  I liked the hard stuff! Vodka, rum, wine- if you could pour it over ice, swirl it, or adorn it with an umbrella, it was probably on my list of weekend indulgences. My aversion to beer could be put down to pure disinterest, until one fateful night at an overpriced restaurant, I discovered the beauty of beer.

‘Twas a hot and steamy night, and my inner wino was calling out for a cold, crisp glass of pinot gris. After perusing the menu and deciding that $15 for the “cheapest” glass of wine was simply too much, I spotted the $6.50 bottle of Peroni. I ordered the beer. It was crisp. It was tasty. It wasn’t bloating, and I actually liked the taste! It was a turning point. I was no longer a beer virgin! As my discovery of beers expanded, it became evident that light beers were my thing, and can now offer 5 Fab Beers For Summer. Thirsty? Read on.


Summer Beers



1. Blanche De Chambly: Crisp and light, with aromas of citrus and spice, this Quebec beer is widely available in Ontario and never disappoints. The perfect summer beer.

2. Ožujsko Limun: When life gives you lemons, make a yummy fruit beer! I discovered this delicious brew a couple of summer’s ago while on vacation in Zagreb. The taste is sweet, with a hint of tart lemony sourness to it, making it the perfect sipping beer for a hot day on the patio.

3. Kronenberg 1664 Blanc: The French have great taste, and this beer is no exception.

4. Rickard’s White: Ah, Rickard’s White, or as I like to call it “The Poor Man’s Cocktail”. This beer is often served with a slice of orange floating on top, and that’s just how I like it.

5. Dos Equis: I won’t stay thirsty with this beer! The Most Interesting Man In The World commercials piqued my interest, and dinner at awesome Mexican restaurant sealed the deal for my love of this crisp brew. Perfect paired with tacos or anything spicy.




Am I missing a great one? What are your favourite summer beers? 



Fab Finds: Wedges Under $100

Wedge Under $100


Wedges often produce tacky visions of suburban strip mall tanning salon owners, tight black capris, Kate Gosselin and bejewelled acrylics. Fair? Probably not. True? You know it!

Despite their dumpy connotations, wedges deserve a rightful spot in any summer wardrobe. Need to look like you’ve made an effort, but still suffering from an ill-timed walk home in 4 inch heels? Wedges! Outdoor wedding shower? Pass that wedge. All day, multi-venue bachelorette party? That call for a wedge- or a really strong martini(s!).

What you think, girls? Am I right, or one small tragic step away from a Juicy tracksuit and white patent Guess handbag? Let’s discuss! x


black & tan | rust | bow | black leather | strappy | studded | white & tan | suede





Splurge or Save: Salvatore Ferragamo vs. H&M

Salvatore Ferragamo vs. H&M


H&M, you’ve outdone yourself this time. The fast fashion retailer has managed to produce a rather worthy replica of this classic Ferragamo flat. Although the faux patent leather will never be as supple as its luxury counterpart, major points must be given for the slightly angular shape and identical heel height.

Would you Splurge or Save?

Salvatore Ferragamo $450.00 | H&M $34.95

Borrowed From The Boys: Haider Ackerman

Borrowed From The Boys- Haider Ackermann


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that there’s no style statement I love more than a great pant: printed, cuffed, high-waisted, cropped, drop-crotch, cigarette, peg-leg- there’s not too many styles I don’t appreciate, or wear on the regular. Menswear in general is a source of great inspiration to me, which is why I thought it would be fun to start a brand-new style series on FatFreeFashion: Borrowed From The Boys.

I often find myself on the Men’s side of Zara, H&M and Forever 21 simply because the slightly oversized cut, muted colours, clean prints and subtle textures really appeal to my practical sensibilities- labels be damned!

Borrowed From The Boys Menswear Muse #1? The always artfully deconstructed designer, Haider Ackermann. How cool is his look? Officially inspired.


Get his look: bomber $101.26 | trousers $95 | shoes $36.99 | scarf $29.95 | t-shirt $12.95 | sunglasses $6.80

5 Fab Fashion DIYs

Easy Fashion DIY #1- Chopped Blazer


Craving a little originality? If you spot another black and white striped Topshop dress or rhinestone statement necklace, do you feel you may potentially go postal? You’re not alone!

When the fashion blogging bandwagon becomes too much to bear, enter the Fashion DIY. Unique. Expressive. Guaranteed to garner loads of compliments from a slew of admirers.

Not crafty? Don’t despair. I use the term “DIY” very loosely: Only 1 of these 5 Fab Fashion DIYs require any skillful cutting, marking and sewing. The remaining four can easily be achieved with a pair of scissors, grommets and Krazy Glue. Basically, if you have the ability to cuff a pant or tie a knot, these DIYs are yours for the creating.


Fashion DIY #2- The Ribbon Tie


THE RIBBON TIE: Because you’re SO over the statement necklace. 

Step 1: Select boring, old dress shirt.

Step 2: Tie ribbon around neck.

Step 3: Be awesome.


Fashion DIY #3- Painters Worksuit


THE PAINTERS WORK SUIT: Have a handy man in the house? Grab their gear and get creative!

Step 1: Wash and bleach grubby work suit.

Step 2: Strap on your highest stilettos.

Step 3: Work, Bitch.


Easy Fashion DIY #4- Strip of Ruffle


STRIP OF RUFFLE: A random ruffle on an oversized shirt? Unexpected greatness! 

Step 1: Remove a garment from your “donate” pile.

Step 2: Cut a strip of fabric from it.

Step 3: Sew or glue it to the seam of your dress shirt.

Step 4: Await the influx of compliments!


Easy Fashion DIY #5- Ribbon Corset



RIBBON CORSET: How many black blazers and vests does a girl really need? Zzzzzz. Mama, let’s Upgrade U. 

Step 1: Select a tired black blazer or vest.

Step 2: Rip 6 holes on each side, positioned on the thinnest part of your waist.

Step 3: Add grommets.

Step 4: Cinch it!


Inspired? What’s your favourite look?