The Look For Less: Kate Bosworth

Actress, model and brand ambassador Kate Bosworth has got street style dressing down to a science. Modest heels, comfy layers and a crossbody bag is always a winning combination from coast to coast.

Do you love this transitional Spring look?

The Look for Less-Kate Bosworth


Style & Co. heels $44.25 | Buckle vest $57.64 | H&M shirt $59.65 | H&M jeans $49.95 | Forever 21 handbag $29.80

Vacation Idea: San Francisco

San Fran- Golden Gate Bridge

On this dreary, snowy (SPRING?!) day in Toronto, I am seriously California Dreaming. If anyone else is craving a little much-deserved sunshine, may I suggest San Francisco? I had the pleasure of visiting this fine city a few years ago and hope to return someday soon. Sooo much to see! I didn’t take many pictures (too absorbed in my surroundings), but here are few of my favourite memories.

Enjoy! x

Above: If you visit San Francisco and don’t make the (wildly windy!) journey across the Golden Gate Bridge, there’s no hope for you. A touristy must!

San Fran- Chinatown

Did you know that San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest in North America? It’s a fascinating place with lots to see, shop for and marvel in. Get lost in the narrow back streets for the  afternoon. You won’t regret it!

San Francisco The Haight

I’ve always been fascinated with the 1960′s. It was a time of rapid cultural and political change in North America (free loving hippies, protests, human rights battles) and The Haight personifies this era in San Francisco. Sip a coffee and take in the wacky ambience of this virtual time warp.

San Fran- Telegraph Hill

The beauty of Telegraph Hill is literally breathtaking- it’s a steep 17.5 degree angle climb to the 275 ft top of the street! Take a hike and you’ll be rewarded by the sound of chirping feral parrots that live amongst the gorgeous bushes and trees.

San Francisco North BEach

Only one picture was taken in the North Beach neighboured of the San Francisco. Why? Because I was too busy stuffing my face at all the delectable Italian cafes and restaurants that are abound in this ‘hood. Go- and bring your fat pants! You’ll need them. #NomNomNom.


Have you visited San Francisco? What are your favourite memories?


Splurge or Save? Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump vs. Le Chateau Patent Pointy Pump

To put it plainly, Gianvito Rossi produces pump perfection. The shape of his designs are sleek and chic- I’m still swooning over these powder blue pumps from January! It’s no surprise a high street store has lifted a little inspiration from his creations, and by the look of it, they’ve done a pretty good job!

What do you think, Ladies? Splurge or Save?

Gianvito Rossi vs Le Chateau

Gianvito Rossi $770 | Le Chateau $120

The Look For Less: Karolina Kurkova

The Look for Less- Karolina Kurkova Sporty

She isn’t Anna Wintour’s favourite model for nothing. Karolina Kurkova is a catwalk queen with class. Her Twitter feed is inspiring and informative and her style is perfectly in sync with the necessities of city living: cool, practical and easy replicated for Under $200!

Do you love her cool layered look?

Target skirt $19.99 | H&M shirt $19.95 | Body Central moto $49.98 | H&M bomber $34.95 | Forever 21 sunglasses $6.95 | Forever 21 handbag $29.80 | Forever 21 trainers $35.80


Spring 2014 Trends: Fat Free Fashion Favourites!

Ok, Fashaloonies, 2013 was great and all, but who’s ready for a crop of fresh styles? I know I am! Because everyone loves a good trend rundown, below are my favourite trends for Spring 2014.

Frayed2014 will add another layer of destruction to our beloved denim: major fraying. Remember your cutoffs from last summer? We’ve welcomed our jeans into the cutting room. Get a head-start on this trend and grab a pair of your tired-looking skinnies. Snip off the ankle hem. Wash, wear and repeat.  jeans

prettypastelsDuh. You know this, but let’s rehash it again for fun! Pastels are huge. Somehow Radiant Orchid got crowned the top shade for 2014, but really, they’re all back in full force.  heels | dress


Fringe BenefitsGet into the swing of things with mucho fringe or tassel detailing. Why? Because it’s fun!  jeans


90scallingSlip dresses, silk camis, overalls, dainty florals…they’re not going anywhere for Spring 2014. Jump on board this trend with the many styles available in the shops now. overallsslides | top


widelegDitch your skinnies and widen your horizons this Spring with full length palazzo pants or cropped culottes. tan | blue


socks with heelsMost people will look utterly ridiculous attempting this trend, but I must admit, when executed correctly, it does look really cool. As a Canadian, I’m avoiding it at all costs, as we really only have a few short months to embrace a sock-less existence. For everyone else, sock it to ‘em!  ribbon socks | polka dot socks | platforms


What are your favourite trends for Spring 2014? Will you rock any of these looks? Let’s discuss!


The Look For Less: Joanna Hillman

Market Editor at Harper’s Bazaar (and former Torontonian!) Joanna Hillman is a style blog star. Her eclectic style inspires, as her looks are often pieces you likely already have kicking around your closet, but haven’t thought to style in her particular way (jumpsuits with fur vests, culottes with tights and ankle boots, suit blazer with ripped jeans…). It all seems to come together with Hillman’s masterful styling ability.

How perfect is this look?

The Look for Less- Joanna Hillman

Asos heels, $30.11 | Zara blazer, $89.90 | Zara jeans, $79.90 | Yes To Style clutch, $44.91 | Ardene sunglasses, $8.50

Splurge or Save: Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Flats vs. Material Girl Ballet Flats

I blogged about the Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Collection last year, as the full range of 12 unique zodiac flats really caught my eye. What commitment! It looks like Material Girl has gotten in on the fun and produced its own offering of the cosmic creation.

I  love the personal touch of Charlotte Olympia option, as you’re able to actually choose your true zodiac symbol. (The Material Girl range only has 3 styles). If I found a pair of the real deal on discount, I would probably Splurge.

What do you think, Ladies? Splurge or Save?

Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Flat vs Material Girl


Charlotte Olympia Gemini Flats $802.77 | Material Girl Frangos Ballet Flats $48.30